Manufacturer and Designer of 
Horizontal Flow Wrappers
Sinlon Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. has over 32 years
of experience and the know-how in manufacturing and
custom-designed made-to-order automatic horizontal
flow wrapper to handle a wide range of solid products.
Our supply scope is focused on automatic form-fill-seal-cut horizontal packaging machines with either rotary sealing system or box motion sealing system.All small-medium size of solid products (food and non-food items) can be readily packed by our extremely flexible standard wrappers. Custom sizes are also readily available upon request. 
Thousands of Sinlon horizontal wrappers/systems have been supplied to the world market since the beginning operation of our company. We are constantly developing brand new systems and creating wonderful features to make our machines more capable and intelligent.
We believe that a top craftmanship should be integrated with both superior physical designs and intensive machine testing on the spiritual level. Each machine undergoes thorough testing before the delivery to customers. We take every neccessary step to ensure that the machine will be trouble-free in the hands of our customers.
It is our goal to continue bringing the highest quality and performance machines to our customers at the best possible price. Please contact us via E-mail for further information on the range of our machine and packaging consultation.